Commissions & Bespoke Art Work I can draw you or your loved ones for a fabulous 'pick me up' or unique gift for a special occasion.

I’m so in love with my portrait that Hannah did for me. She lights up my room and just never fails to make me smile. Thank you Hannah and keep them coming, I’ll need some more brightness on my walls soon


Rye, Sussex

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When Hannah sent me my portrait I was completely bowled over! How did she manage to capture my spirit with just a few simple lines and colours, I was moved to tears and proudly paraded the image around the house to my family and sent it to my friends, everyone was like, wow thats definitely YOU!" I Immediately framed it and it's the only picture of me you will see in my house.. what a lovely way to modestly celebrate yourself when u hate having your picture taken! đź’›



Queen of Hearts

I can customise any canvas of your choice - like this one of Princess Diana I was commissioned to do by a stylist who has been in Vogue!