The Story of Hannah Shillito Art

Hannah Shillito is a contemporary artist who has lived all over the world including Tokyo, New York, London, Cape Town, the Himalayas and Milan and is now based in Brighton. UK.

A native of the north west of England, Hannah’s love of colour and maximalism is brash, honest and playful and her distinctive personal style emanates joy and vibrancy with its punchy statements and attention grabbing fluorescence.  

Having worn many hats as a freelance writer and photographer, poet, children’s author and teacher, Hannah’s love of words as well as images are brought to life through contrasting and bold colours and compositions. As the artist explains, “A picture tells a thousand words but I like to condense those words and pack a punch.”

Growing up in a creative family she was fascinated by her grandfather’s long standing career as a photojournalist who told tales of his tours with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. She earned a Master of Arts at Glasgow University, studying History of Art alongside Literature and then went on to gain outstanding recognition for her Photography Diploma at Manchester College where she exhibited photographs taken on a trip to volunteer at an all girls school in Pakistan. Her lifelong love of learning and education is being fulfilled currently with her studies in digital art at Central St Martins, a coveted spot she has dreamed of since she was a little girl. 

Shillito’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in London and Brighton, as well as further afield, including a sell out solo show of 100 Brighton women who she drew in order to raise funds and awareness for Survivors Network which aims to reduce sexual violence and its impact on survivors’ lives through counselling, advocacy, peer support and group work as well as training for professionals. 

Her photographic images have also been included in the SeeMe global artistic community, with one - a photograph of a tribe taken in a sustainable village on the border of Burma and Thailand - being projected onto a skyscraper in Manhattan and another - a dancer from her time backstage at a burlesque club in Milan - being exhibited digitally in Le Louvre. She has also designed fabric for a fashion range of women’s clothes and accessories.